Monday, April 4, 2011

my fruitful life

So I find myself, sitting on my new red leather couch(which I love by the way) in the quiet of the night whilst my babes are sound asleep in peaceful slumber and listening to a little jazz, my world feels very safe and peaceful.

It's lovely to be here - I've thought to venture in often but my focus has been on being present with my family.
There has been so much happening in our world, and in my world, that I felt I needed to put the focus into my family, and get my bearings straight within myself and was not so compelled to write. The catastrophes that Mother nature has provided have been truly devastating but the blessings and human kindness as a result of these has been beautiful to witness and absorb.
This is what I want my children to witness.This is the beauty I want them to share.  The strength of human kindness, the resilience of people and the loving gestures of help, support and guidance. The helping hands and the L.O.V.E!!!
This is what matters, what I cherish and what pulls my heart strings much more than anything materialistic can provide,
goose bump moments ~ I seem to get them a lot lately.
So many people I know are going through some pretty tough times - in so many different ways at the moment. Although these times are extremely challenging and trying, I truly feel that it is in these times we learn what love and support really means, we learn compassion and we are humbled. We learn of the people who truly love us even when the cards are down, and do not judge or criticise us. This is LOVE.
This is TRUTH.
Embrace your feelings, your experiences, both good and bad and YOUR journey - this is your truth. Hold close those you love and the moment of now.
We really can only live one day at a time as we really don't know what tomorrow will hold, no matter how much we plan.


PS.  Remember to eat icecream and laugh!!