Friday, September 2, 2011

A time for blossoming

Ye haa!  Spring is here

Without a doubt, the season of Spring is my favourite season and the month of September is pretty spesh.

Although it holds my birthday, it also holds my heart.

In the past, so many significant changing events evolve during this time and I now look forward to the growth and another chance to blossom and learn.

The great outdoors opens its doors to me, the fragrance in the air inspires me.  I want to decorate, garden, try new things and create new habits for myself and my little family.

I haven't blogged for so, so long. I have returned back at work part time and it was starting to consume me in so many ways. I am finding my way back to balance and although somewhat difficult at times, I am definitely learning to prioritise and make the most of my limited time. My playing soccer has been a great diversion and something completely out of my comfort zone. I am finding as I get a little older, I don't always want a comfortable and predictable life, I want to continue to try new things and meet new and inspiring motivated people.

I have always held a bucket list of dreams, ideals and goals but when I was faced with illness within my family with my husband my Mum and daughter, I soon realised that although they are great to have and do, it's the relationships that matter and my being with them, for them, supporting them and loving them far overshadowed any of my pipe dreams. During these times you become selfless. These are the times, the lasting memories and the testing of one's character that really challenge us and inspire us.

Maybe by going on this journey the road takes another bend and I realise that sometimes it is ok to take a little time for yourself, and soccer has been this for me this Winter. Stay tuned, we are currently in the semi finals! Woo hoo!!  I am currently contemplating at rekindling my love of yoga as the next venture and discovering what else I can do for me.
So as I have a little skip in my step and a smile on my face, purchasing flowers for my home (today it was snap dragons ~ a childhood memory) and assembling a new shelf for my lounge inspiration is Spring.

Spring is here, and I am ready to blossom and continue to grow to be the best me I can be.

Peace Love Joy