Monday, April 18, 2011

"Have you finished yet??"

I and we (my love & I) often, and I mean O.F.T.E.N!!
get asked...

"Have you finished yet?"

"How many children are you planning?"

"When are you having the next one?"

"Another girl would be nice!! ~ balance out the sexes a bit!!, wink!! wink!!"

If the truth be known.....

I have no idea....

I am feeling we are moving onto the next chapter of our lives ~

We are truly blessed to have four delightful, energetic children who are full of spunk and pizzazz.

I adore having a large family - by today's standards

never a dull moment ~ one can never EVER say she is bored!!


 - any way you look at it ~ its a huge job ~ no matter how many you have
                                                 yet SO worth it ~

they give me SO much more(just their smile,hug and their honesty);
my hearts' capacity has grown with each one;
I am truly learning what I am capable of;
I am a better person because of them;
I am their Mumma Bear!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always adored children and always wanted a family, and now that I am at this stage in my life ~ I know I am in my element.

I always dreamed of the big kitchen table with all the fam gathered around sharing a feast and now I am living it.

Lately I am surrounded by so many gorgeous babes and it always has me thinking -

"Have I met all my babies yet?"

and you know what!!

Who knows??

At this point in time, I am enJOYing life and all that it holds
and enJOYing the little people I have the priveledge of raising.
I love taking them to their extra curriculum activities,checking homework, sharing stories and jokes around the table. We are all growing together.

There is a season for everything.

Harley often reminds me that we still have a vacant seat in the car!!

That my boy, is for your friend! (I think!!!)

1, 2 , 3 ,4 +  +  +                 

Do you ever feel finished?

Good night John boy ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lovely to meet you

Some things you may not know about me......
  •   I have 2 older brothers
  •  My childhood pet dog Labrador was called 'Paco'. I also had a cat         'Sarah' whom I had since I was 9.( She passed away when I was 27, just before my 2nd son, Harley was born. So I had her for a mere 18 years. She definitely had nine lives!!
  •  My passport has expired
  •  I adore design and decorating
  •  I want to learn more about photography
  •  Growing up I learned the piano,clarinet and the guitar - I think I need major refresher classes now though
  •  When I was little, I often imagined I lived in New York City
  •  I went to four schools
  •  One of my most memorable childhood memories was living in Maleny
  •  I love sailing                                                             
  •  I used to chef                                                                                  
  •  I didn't wear white to my wedding
  •  I always dreamed of having 5 children 
  •  I'm currently learning and training how to play soccer
  •  I love gardening and want to do more of it 
  •  I love to distress and do up old furniture
  •  I can't live without music
  •  My Mum and Dad are my heroes
  •  I've never seen the snow
  •  My Grandma was my best friend
  •  I love autobiographies
Feel free to share something interesting about yourself ~

we are all growing on our own journey 

I would love to learn

something interesting about YOU

Mumma Bear XX

Monday, April 4, 2011

my fruitful life

So I find myself, sitting on my new red leather couch(which I love by the way) in the quiet of the night whilst my babes are sound asleep in peaceful slumber and listening to a little jazz, my world feels very safe and peaceful.

It's lovely to be here - I've thought to venture in often but my focus has been on being present with my family.
There has been so much happening in our world, and in my world, that I felt I needed to put the focus into my family, and get my bearings straight within myself and was not so compelled to write. The catastrophes that Mother nature has provided have been truly devastating but the blessings and human kindness as a result of these has been beautiful to witness and absorb.
This is what I want my children to witness.This is the beauty I want them to share.  The strength of human kindness, the resilience of people and the loving gestures of help, support and guidance. The helping hands and the L.O.V.E!!!
This is what matters, what I cherish and what pulls my heart strings much more than anything materialistic can provide,
goose bump moments ~ I seem to get them a lot lately.
So many people I know are going through some pretty tough times - in so many different ways at the moment. Although these times are extremely challenging and trying, I truly feel that it is in these times we learn what love and support really means, we learn compassion and we are humbled. We learn of the people who truly love us even when the cards are down, and do not judge or criticise us. This is LOVE.
This is TRUTH.
Embrace your feelings, your experiences, both good and bad and YOUR journey - this is your truth. Hold close those you love and the moment of now.
We really can only live one day at a time as we really don't know what tomorrow will hold, no matter how much we plan.


PS.  Remember to eat icecream and laugh!!