Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doors are a opening, let in the fresh air!!

I feel like I use the saying "When it rains it pours" so much lately. I know our life is busy and very constant but when I look at what life has blessed us with and thrown at us since my love and I have shared our lives together  - it's absurd!!

I am not a person that thrives on drama at all. I definitely put my focus on staying calm, centred, peaceful and maintain this ambiance throughout all elements of my life ~ probably not particularly helpful on my soccer field ( I'm yet to discover my inner Xena!!) and I think our children reflect this.
We are all very real with each other, relatively calm and gentle souls. I really should indulge in yoga again, it really is up my alley.

With all that it holds, the black, the white and the charcoal grey in between ~ I really do love my one crazy life. Time to throw some yellow in, perhaps pink polka dots and a splash of red!

So many life changing events, opportunities, hurdles and challenges have come our way - WE ARE SURVIVORS,Yes!

I don't like to harp on things, don't like to bring out the violin and say,"Why me?", I generally roll up my sleeves, become even more practical and logical and make plans on how to deal with each situation and have learnt to live one day at a time which is definately easier to say than do. I have loved learning of the people who truly love and support us and have shown us what true friendship is. This is what I am most grateful of learning in these experiences.

We have definitely faced some difficult,emotional and draining times but I am glad to say, as a family, and with great support, we are coming out the other end of it all.

Times are a changin'....... I can see clearly now the rain has gone.

With these obstacles, I have many opportunities to reflect, fantasise and dream of what I want, what I want to experience, taste, feel and see.

Everything has a season and I have learnt not to put pressure on ourselves to have to have it now. I have definitely learnt more patience and learnt to maintain my visions in my eyes. The things I find myself wanting are very rarely of the materialistic kind, more of the things to feel and see with those who I love. Why waste time with those who don't, yeah?

Our world is starting to open up again, some of my visions are becoming a reality and I am quietly excited about the future. I look forward in sharing our journey and experiences as we get our mojo back and begin to play again.
Let's open the doors to opportunities and wonderful experiences to be had. Let's put a smile on our dial and open our eyes to see the beauty in the day and who and what it holds. Breathe in some fresh air and exhale any negativity in our lives. C'mon let's get happy!!!!!

What are you excited about?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Autumn clean !?!

At My Place

Lately, I am inspired to clean, De clutter and decorate.

 (I'm no Gwen Steffani!! but I like the rug and the idea of vacuuming in heels!! hehe)

This cooler weather definitely agrees with me, I'm a jeans and scarf kinda girl, thrown together with my Converse and I am in my element. Comfort definitely comes first now a days and this is reflected in my life - my home and my style.

As life gets busier, I find I am craving the simple pleasures. I'm back buying flowers for the home, have been enjoying baking some sweet delights, cooking up delicious savoury feasts and reorganising our worldly possessions. My donation bags are growing as is my anticipation for bin day!!  ( I said simple pleasures ~ I am so thankful for the service!!)

After Dominic was diagnosed we decided to down grade our home and I love it. We live in a renovated cottage ~ yes, all 6 of us, complete with the white picket fence. I've never felt more at home or settled here and I feel that this home resembles me more than anywhere I have lived before. With down sizing, I am always working on ideas on how to utilise space to the best of its' abilities and our needs, keep it looking homely, but not cluttered and definitely not minimalist. I want my home to feel warm and inviting. At the moment I seem to be continually throwing out paper ( we seem to accumulate SO much!!)

As I have my clean up, I make lists - new throw rugs and cushions, what clothes the kids need, get some of our artwork framed, some shelving required, distress my 2 new dining chairs I bought. With a new season, I get excited, a new beginning, seeing the day in a new light.
Although I realise it really isn't that long til we are wrapped in the warmth of woolen jumpers and new leather boots with Winter on our doorstep, I am embracing these beautiful Autumn days.
I'm cleaning up and re-organising my abode to create some more time to do some of the things I love to do and not fill my time cleaning up after my little people. I'm pretty lucky cause the little people that contribute to the state of the house also chip in and help clean up too!!

Am so looking forward to having it done and rewarding myself with a few new touches around our home.


Home,  is definitely where the heart is.


Friday, May 6, 2011

What will be, will be.

This week has been a little C.R.A.Z.Y in our household. We have had three out of four children sick with a tummy bug with myself getting run down on the forth day. It started to take a toll on me with the endless nursing duties for three days and nights straight with little to no sleep for mwa. The household still hasn't got the all clear with Cooper being picked up early from pre prep yesterday and coughs that are lingering.

Through the midst of this, my hubby who has been out of the work circuit due to illness and medical treatments, got put forward for a job.
So the journey began....the resume to update, a phone interview and an actual interview to be had, then the news....
"You got the job!!"  WOO HOO!! Yeah BABY!!
We weren't looking to return to work so soon but we figure its one day at a time and obviously its a step in the right direction ~ forward!!

What will be, will be.

I new I've been ready for some changes and plenty of changes this will bring.

Fantastic - with this news brings a bit of normality and security back into our lives but in saying that, I want to carry with me and continue on the journey of less actually is more and the importance of family time and simple pleasures in this beautiful world in which we live. All that really matters is each other. We have learnt so many lessons throughout the last two years of my love learning of his diagnosis as individuals, as a couple and as a family. I don't want to get caught up in the ways of the world, of stuff and being too busy. I want us to continue to just BE and blossom.
Right now ~ it's time for my love to blossom.

After the week I've had, I went and spoilt myself with a pedicure and manicure, well over due and just wonderful.  What a fab afternoon. It was whilst I was at the salon that I received my love's great news ~
things are feeling bright again.
All in good timing ~

oh, and vision boards really do work ~ crossing a few things off my list!!
~THINK~BELIEVE~SEE ~  Be careful what you ask for!!