Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lovely to meet you

Some things you may not know about me......
  •   I have 2 older brothers
  •  My childhood pet dog Labrador was called 'Paco'. I also had a cat         'Sarah' whom I had since I was 9.( She passed away when I was 27, just before my 2nd son, Harley was born. So I had her for a mere 18 years. She definitely had nine lives!!
  •  My passport has expired
  •  I adore design and decorating
  •  I want to learn more about photography
  •  Growing up I learned the piano,clarinet and the guitar - I think I need major refresher classes now though
  •  When I was little, I often imagined I lived in New York City
  •  I went to four schools
  •  One of my most memorable childhood memories was living in Maleny
  •  I love sailing                                                             
  •  I used to chef                                                                                  
  •  I didn't wear white to my wedding
  •  I always dreamed of having 5 children 
  •  I'm currently learning and training how to play soccer
  •  I love gardening and want to do more of it 
  •  I love to distress and do up old furniture
  •  I can't live without music
  •  My Mum and Dad are my heroes
  •  I've never seen the snow
  •  My Grandma was my best friend
  •  I love autobiographies
Feel free to share something interesting about yourself ~

we are all growing on our own journey 

I would love to learn

something interesting about YOU

Mumma Bear XX


  1. I didn't wear white for my wedding, either!

  2. I always dreamed of being a Chauffeur..xo