Friday, September 21, 2012

I heart holidays

Hello Friday afternoon

I am about to go and do the school run and pick up my three lovely boys from school before we commence our September Spring school holidays.Yay!! to that!!

It is a welcome change to see it overcast and the sprinkling of the random shower or two. It is just telling us to take it slow and unwind. The rain smells devine and Miss Lucia is enJOYing walking outside in the rain with her new polka dot umbrella - polka dots are just the bees knees and sing happy don't they? :)

I adore school holidays - whether we have a 'stay'cation or an actual pack the bags holiday, I just love the mode of togetherness.

We are choosing to have a stay cation this break as we went on our road trip to Townsville for our Winter break.  We have many friends and family we want to catch up with to visit and be visited, day trips to enjoy, gardening planned and cooking to delight in.  We want to swim, ride bikes, play soccer, bask in sunshine, take a drive, have a picnic, listen to great music and indulge our togetherness and

Note - Love is patience
(Really a self mental note - 2 weeks with all the kids home I may need to remember this at random moments throughout my day over the coming weeks)

Happy Holidays and happy togetherness x