Monday, April 18, 2011

"Have you finished yet??"

I and we (my love & I) often, and I mean O.F.T.E.N!!
get asked...

"Have you finished yet?"

"How many children are you planning?"

"When are you having the next one?"

"Another girl would be nice!! ~ balance out the sexes a bit!!, wink!! wink!!"

If the truth be known.....

I have no idea....

I am feeling we are moving onto the next chapter of our lives ~

We are truly blessed to have four delightful, energetic children who are full of spunk and pizzazz.

I adore having a large family - by today's standards

never a dull moment ~ one can never EVER say she is bored!!


 - any way you look at it ~ its a huge job ~ no matter how many you have
                                                 yet SO worth it ~

they give me SO much more(just their smile,hug and their honesty);
my hearts' capacity has grown with each one;
I am truly learning what I am capable of;
I am a better person because of them;
I am their Mumma Bear!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always adored children and always wanted a family, and now that I am at this stage in my life ~ I know I am in my element.

I always dreamed of the big kitchen table with all the fam gathered around sharing a feast and now I am living it.

Lately I am surrounded by so many gorgeous babes and it always has me thinking -

"Have I met all my babies yet?"

and you know what!!

Who knows??

At this point in time, I am enJOYing life and all that it holds
and enJOYing the little people I have the priveledge of raising.
I love taking them to their extra curriculum activities,checking homework, sharing stories and jokes around the table. We are all growing together.

There is a season for everything.

Harley often reminds me that we still have a vacant seat in the car!!

That my boy, is for your friend! (I think!!!)

1, 2 , 3 ,4 +  +  +                 

Do you ever feel finished?

Good night John boy ;)


  1. Oh Oh Oh......everyones knows when they have had their just do.That undecidedness could mean pitter patter...!!
    Lukcy you I would love to have a huge family, I was only blessed with two! Maybe that is why I work in a school? xo

  2. You have a wonderful family, they are a credit to you and Dom. A vacant seat means you will always have place to put the friend. You are wonderful and so is that super family of yours.