Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, What a week that was!

After dropping my eldest, Jordan, with his auntie to enjoy a weekend with his Dad in town on Friday evening, the consequences of the week really hit me and I felt so relieved it was the weekend.

As a result of my week, I had to miss a girls' night with Sunny Mummy and friends and cancel my own Kitchen Tea Tupperware Party on Saturday with great disappointment. I had to place the priority on my own little family, take a breather and recover and look after me. My exhaustion really set in and I could only be in the moment. On Saturday, Dominic went for treatment at the hospital and I bundled up the kiddliwinks and took Harley and Cooper to their swimming lessons whilst Lucia frolicked in the wading pool with pure delight and amazement. Was so lovely to enjoy some sunshine and soak up that Vitamin D. It wasn't long til I started to fade that we ventured home and hibernated and just quietly hung out together.
 Thank God for pizza night and no washing up!! and for Harley serving me lemonade in bed (bless him).

Sunday was also a day of recovery and preparing for the coming week. And so the show goes on ,never a break from the constant washing, I could relish in the sunshine and the blessing of getting it all dry. Sundays I like to plan. I'm an old fashioned girl at heart and I adore pen and paper ~ so I write and sip tea.....
Today I planned my menu for the week. I like to keep the mid week menu uncomplicated as we are at sports training 3out of 5 afternoons a week and I don't need to feel like I live in the kitchen!

Monday -  Chicken pesto pasta bake and garden salad
Tuesday - Marinated chicken,potato bake w fresh beans,broccolini and snow peas
Wednesday - Whatever goes * eggs, noodles, leftovers, tomato soup, breakfast cereal etc*
Thursday - Silverside in the slow cooker and vegetables
Friday - Home made pizzas with puff pastry
Saturday - out and about
Sunday - Roast beef extravaganza ( the night we play in the kitchen)

This is a great guideline to have, but believe me subject to change without notice, just look at last week! I plan this with what I have in the kitchen already and shop for the extras. I'm trying to have one home day where I have a cook up to make the busy days run a fair bit smoother. At the moment that day is Monday. So after dropping my big boys to school and running a few errands, put some washing on and set the littlies up with a few activities, I'm away and firing  - all systems GO!

This week is fairly basic with only Monday and Tuesday to sort which is great as Dom is back at the hospital for more treatment just to make sure all is running smoothly and hopefully back at work on Tuesday.

I have so many over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl so tomorrow there will be banana cake, bread and muffins all a baking. I'll freeze some so the kids won't get 'over' them but great for lunch box delights and unexpected visitors.

I can't really get into the whole Halloween thing. Don't mind pumpkin carving,dress ups, handing out lollies for trick or treating but the whole concept is quite dark,gloomy and scary to me and I have children that ask a lot of questions. We did have a few people arrive at our door and the kids enjoyed handing out the lollies as well as indulging themselves, then we decided to do something random and duck up to the local 7 11 store and indulge in ice cream for all. They were so excited. It was Lucia's first store bought ice block and she was pretty quick in working out how a Calippo works!

So now as i hear their gentle breathing, sound asleep, and the only noises are from this keyboard, I know it has been a great weekend, not what we had planned but still quietly wonderful.

~ Hope you had a wonderful weekend ~


'thumbs up Super Cooper'

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