Saturday, April 28, 2012

The grass is only greener if you water it.

As a Mum of four children, I am always sharing my time and affection.  Sometimes it feels that I am living a live autopsy, always sharing myself and divided. I make a conscious decision to not always focus on the squeaky wheel needs the most oil syndrome especially when my children all have distinct different personalities and different needs. I don't want the quiet personality to miss out because the extrovert is having a rant. All their different needs based on their ages, likes and dislikes are a constant juggling act in the main arena.

It would seem although we live a blessed life, I would not consider my children to be spoilt at all, yet there is a mentality I am observing, an expectation of all needs being met especially materialistically immediately.  Their life of comfort which I have worked hard on achieving, always being there, being a hand up, a constant ear and providing their needs as they appear has also brought, along with what I notice in society, a lack of patience, a sense of entitlement and wanting everything instantly.

We all need balance. We all need patience.

On the other side of the coin, I observe them to be kind, loving individuals who know who they are and what they like. They have an eye for detail and are hungry to learn. They have been exposed to things, I never would have imagined, and they have all taken it in their stride. They are compassionate, affectionate and full of spark. I love and adore each of them.

So how do we find this balance? In our busy lives, full of activities,  events, availability of takeaway, shops always open, replacing things instantly when they are worn out or replacing as the new upgraded version has arrived. In this instant world of sms's, emails, internet shopping, new fads.....when is enough, enough? What are we teaching our kids?  Even if we don't enter into it ALL directly, it surrounds us constantly.

Although I see these wonderful qualities in my children which I had always envisaged and hoped for, I am seeing elements of today's society rubbing off on them that I don't enjoy.

The last few days I have been challenged immensely and it is in these times when I question things.

I dream of a life in the country, away from the hustle and bustle tending to my abundant vegetable patch which provides wholesome seasonal food for my family each day.  I need to tame my thoughts and create the life I want for now. I may not live in the country but I can work on nurturing my little vege patch and learning what I can about propagation both with gardening and with my little family, tending to their needs and desires as well as weeding out the unwanted vermon and weeds. We all need a little fertiliser, taming and pruning. As with everything, it is seasonal. We all need a little free ranging with safe boundries.  I am earning my green thumbs in more ways than one.

With the last few days of my children challenging my patience and sanity, I know that I can wake up tomorrow, and all this becomes the past. I could blame it on the rain, being indoors or a potential full moon or......etc but I don't want to empower this behaviour and attitudes or excuse it. I say own it, learn from it and move forward.

Continually learning, I will tweak my household and even add a dimension of bootcamp if necessary, whilst I continue to tend to my garden with love and commitment. I will keep you up to date and let you know what changes I make.

Happy gardening Mumma Bears


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