Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution or Revelation

Resolution  n,  1.firmness of purpose or determination

Revelation n,   1. the act of revealing; disclosure

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As we are faced with a new year, we often see it as a new beginning ~ out with the old, in with the new.

We see it as a fresh start,

an opportunity to free ourselves from the baggage that we may carry,  that ultimately slowly
suffocates our spirits.

That's a lot of pressure we put on ourselves for one day, one week, one month.

For the beginning of 2011 it will be no different for me. Daily I try to work on myself, through the smorgasbord of emotions, through the daily challenges that reveal more about oneself and observing the beauty and splendour in the details of our wonderful world. I don't dismiss negativity but I don't endorse it either. I love to reflect on the year just past, and learn from it. I choose to continually grow and blossom and this is my promise to myself and my family ~ always. I want resolution and revelation be apart of my daily life. To go from a noun to an adjective  - a 'doing' word.

I won't except putting my life on hold til Monday, New years day, my next birthday or until I've lost a couple of kilos.
I am living now, today, this minute.  I really have no idea what the future will entail so I am choosing my best life ~ whatever predicament I find myself in, now, in the present.


Don't get me wrong, I set goals, I think I am the Queen of list making and scheduling (I think I need to with 4 kids, just to function and keep my sanity)

I have dreams and aspirations and a great imagination.

One thing I have learnt through my challenges is that we need to be flexible and be open to change, to really be able to embrace this wonderful life. There is always room for tweaking and improvements but lets not be so hard on ourselves. Let's support our loved ones and be kind to ourselves. Allow us all to be the best we can be so we can encourage one another and shine together.

My revelation is that I want to embrace opportunities with my two hands and my heart, allow myself to dream big. I want to Shine and rock on in Twenty Eleven.

I am always trying new techniques to improve the mindset and routine of my family. I like to think we continually evolve and adjust to each others needs.
Quite a few months ago, I introduced whilst we were sitting around the dinner table, instead of asking the obvious, 'How was your day?' or 'What did you do today?' which often was replied with grunts or 'I can't remember',


I asked 'What made you smile today?'

Then we started with each family member stating five things that they are grateful for today.
It amazes me the fantastic conversations that come out of this. It has been significant in my world. I am learning more about my children and husband, and guests in our home ~ how they tick and what's on their minds. We have had a lot to be grateful for lately but one answer that has stuck with me was when Harley(7) replied, ' I'm thankful for gravity so we don't get sucked out into the Solar System!' This definitely opened my mind, and that would be a bummer dude.
and Cooper (4) saying ' I am thankful for the hoppital.' awww, bless him. xx  Me too.

I am grateful, so grateful for my little family. Grateful for the blessings that are touching us and inspiring us to grow.

I am grateful that I have experienced these hurdles, because they have directed me to live more consciously and not lead my life on auto pilot.

I live with my cup half full no matter my circumstances (sometimes its a coffee that's gone cold but would much prefer it to be a Moscato and definitely should be more H20)


I am always open to learn.                          

I am real.

I am revealing my word for the year inspired from
Cate at Life behind the purple door                            
                                                                   adj.   1.true

                                   I hope you join me on this journey as we travel the highway of life
                                                                     and lets get real.
                                    Is your cup half full or half empty?    What are you grateful for?
                                                             I would love to hear your thoughts

'Every morning cries to us: Do what you ought and trust what may be.' Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Mumma Bear
     Kate  XX


  1. You're a breath of fresh air how 'like minded' we are :)

  2. Lovely post, Kate. I hope you have a wonderful year...

  3. what a wonderful post! I'm going to borrow your dinner table idea tomorrow night, and ask everyone what made them smile today! Thank you!