Monday, August 20, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

Thought I would take a moment to reflect on some things I enjoy ..............

Music & singing loudly in the car (even better when the kids join in)
Photos (although sometimes I am so in the moment, I forget to pull the camera out..I'm working on this one)
Beautiful cookbooks or rather books of any kind. Actual paper, texture, photography, fonts - words
new kitchenware of any kind (recent purchases are a new mix master and some lovely bowls)
fresh flowers
Architecture & design
D&M conversations - I love heart to hearts, take these any day over small talk, yes!
Gift buying - I love to be savvy, stick to a budget and purchase gifts for my loved ones that I know they will enjoy. I don't like to buy if I feel I am obligated to.
Chunky silver jewellery
Fresh clean foods
Wearing perfume daily
Watching movies or TV shows that inspire  - true test, Do I get goosebumps? 
A view and a breeze
Exercising.. learning what my body is capable of and testing it that little bit more each time
Brown paper packages tied up with string (yes, I adore packaging)

 - these are a few of my favourite things

Of course I realise that a lot of these things are of material value, I relish in the attention to detail and the appreciation of surrounding myself with things that I love and the pure enjoyment of learning what you like and dislike. We have so many choices flashed before our eyes and ears daily -it is up to us to filter all of this, and learn what we really like - all in the discovery of knowing who we really are, giving ourselves permission to change and evolve and doing what we love.

When we truly identify these details, we start to become our self.

Drink in your details and enjoy


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