Monday, May 23, 2011

Autumn clean !?!

At My Place

Lately, I am inspired to clean, De clutter and decorate.

 (I'm no Gwen Steffani!! but I like the rug and the idea of vacuuming in heels!! hehe)

This cooler weather definitely agrees with me, I'm a jeans and scarf kinda girl, thrown together with my Converse and I am in my element. Comfort definitely comes first now a days and this is reflected in my life - my home and my style.

As life gets busier, I find I am craving the simple pleasures. I'm back buying flowers for the home, have been enjoying baking some sweet delights, cooking up delicious savoury feasts and reorganising our worldly possessions. My donation bags are growing as is my anticipation for bin day!!  ( I said simple pleasures ~ I am so thankful for the service!!)

After Dominic was diagnosed we decided to down grade our home and I love it. We live in a renovated cottage ~ yes, all 6 of us, complete with the white picket fence. I've never felt more at home or settled here and I feel that this home resembles me more than anywhere I have lived before. With down sizing, I am always working on ideas on how to utilise space to the best of its' abilities and our needs, keep it looking homely, but not cluttered and definitely not minimalist. I want my home to feel warm and inviting. At the moment I seem to be continually throwing out paper ( we seem to accumulate SO much!!)

As I have my clean up, I make lists - new throw rugs and cushions, what clothes the kids need, get some of our artwork framed, some shelving required, distress my 2 new dining chairs I bought. With a new season, I get excited, a new beginning, seeing the day in a new light.
Although I realise it really isn't that long til we are wrapped in the warmth of woolen jumpers and new leather boots with Winter on our doorstep, I am embracing these beautiful Autumn days.
I'm cleaning up and re-organising my abode to create some more time to do some of the things I love to do and not fill my time cleaning up after my little people. I'm pretty lucky cause the little people that contribute to the state of the house also chip in and help clean up too!!

Am so looking forward to having it done and rewarding myself with a few new touches around our home.


Home,  is definitely where the heart is.


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  1. when I walked in your home I could feel the love wrap around me you are very blessed ...